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Things are always working out perfectly

Ever noticed that what you expect, you often get? So the people who think they’re going to catch a cold every year, always do, and the ones who say, ‘Hey I never get sick’ never seem to. Are you one of those people who can summon up a parking space at will outside the place you want to go to, because you expect to get one? Or one of those who drive incessantly around the block looking for a park because you know there aren’t going to be any and sure enough there never are? In both cases, your expectations are delivering your end result. What about your relationships? Do you expect to be let down by your partner and is that what happens? Your work? Do you expect to have difficult co-workers in every job you’re in? Noisy neighbours? Are you resigned to the fact that this is just how it is in life? Try expecting something else. Try thinking about how wonderful it is that your partner or co-workers are being so good natured and helpful. How wonderful it is that you find a parking spot right outside the place you want to go, every single time. How wonderful it is that you never catch a cold. Have fun. Play with it. Then watch what happens.

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