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Every Nice Thing

If you want to bring about healing between yourself and someone you might be experiencing some form of misalignment with, instead of focusing on what you don’t like about them, which only expands the energy and brings more of the same thing into existence, find something that you do like about them, to think about instead.

People who do hurtful things often do so because they’re hurt themselves, they’re having a bad day, they’re angry and want to hit out at someone, or they are reflecting back to you some negative belief pattern you have about yourself, or about them. So how do you change this if this is someone in your life who you cannot walk away from? When you’re angry or hurt, stewing on what they said, or did?

You will find that no matter what, there is always something good about them that you can think about instead. Find every nice thing about them you can think of and then focus on that. Keep thinking of what you like about that person and about how nice that trait in them is. Even if it’s only one nice thing, build that thing up, appreciate them for that thing you like and by doing so, you will find yourself coming up with more things about them you like. You don’t have to say anything to them, just allow yourself to think kindly of them. Anytime you are tempted to fall back into bad habits and think of the things you don’t like, think about that good thing instead and tap back into that feeling. Smile at how much you like that thing about them. At the very least you have switched yourself out of a negative energy state but you might also find they start doing more of those things you like about them.

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