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If you want to bring about healing between yourself and someone you might be experiencing some form of misalignment with, instead of focusing on what you don’t like about them, which only expands the energy and brings more of the same thing into existence, find something that you do like about them, to think about instead.

People who do hurtful things often do so because they’re hurt themselves, they’re having a bad day, they’re angry and want to hit out at someone, or they are reflecting back to you some negative belief pattern you have about yourself, or about them. So how do you change this if this is someone in your life who you cannot walk away from? When you’re angry or hurt, stewing on what they said, or did?

You will find that no matter what, there is always something good about them that you can think about instead. Find every nice thing about them you can think of and then focus on that. Keep thinking of what you like about that person and about how nice that trait in them is. Even if it’s only one nice thing, build that thing up, appreciate them for that thing you like and by doing so, you will find yourself coming up with more things about them you like. You don’t have to say anything to them, just allow yourself to think kindly of them. Anytime you are tempted to fall back into bad habits and think of the things you don’t like, think about that good thing instead and tap back into that feeling. Smile at how much you like that thing about them. At the very least you have switched yourself out of a negative energy state but you might also find they start doing more of those things you like about them.

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We can’t change negative thought patterns overnight but what we can do is practise a little at a time, and then a little more again, to change our thoughts for the better. Find that feel good feeling of whatever it is you want to see in your life - a happier relationship, a new job, world peace, whatever it may be, and have a little daydream about how lovely it will feel. Let yourself imagine it and how great it is going to feel when that becomes a reality in your life.

Your brain cannot differentiate between what is your current reality, what is a memory, or what is a projected future wish. It will automatically reflect back into your life whatever you give your most attention and energy to.

Make a point of daydreaming for a minute or two, a few times a day. Instead of worrying about things, give yourself a little breather and say, I’m going to think about this instead, about how wonderful it’s going to be. Actually I’m going to think about it as if it’s already happened and immerse myself in the sensation of how good that feels. And I’m going to just sit here and smile at how wonderful it is.’

And for those of you who say, ‘Well this is just silly. I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders and I can’t be indulging in foolish daydreams’, we say – ‘That’s exactly what you need to do to get the weight of the world off your shoulders and to bring into your life what you do want!’

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As we enter 2022, we have a chance to look back on the past year with one of two mindsets.

We can either focus on what went wrong or we can focus on what went right. It’s the glass half full scenario. Let’s all focus on what went right in our lives and in the world. If we take a pen and paper and aim to write down 20 things from the past year that are genuine blessings, it is amazing how many more, each of us will start to find. See how long you can make your list. Perhaps something didn’t go your way at a certain point, but it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, that in turn brought about other blessings.

'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’

Dr Wayne Dyer

When we focus on the good and happy things in our lives, we start to find more and more of those things to focus upon. Start with something simple.

I AM grateful I woke up today

I AM grateful to have a roof over my head

I AM grateful I saw some positive news about (insert anything good here)

I AM grateful for the sense of community around me

If you don’t feel you have anyone around you, or you’re feeling alone, then say to yourself, ‘I AM grateful for the support I have around me.’ Then trust and believe you will receive that support. Don’t think about how lonely you are. Think about how nice it feels to be cared for and supported. Get into the energy of that feeling. Then watch new people come into your life.

Because no matter what you believe, that is what you will receive. That is why the glass half full people do so well in life. Their positive attitude brings more positive things their way. They don’t sweat the small stuff, they focus on the good things.

At the end of every day, make it a daily practice to list at least 5 positive things that happened, and then run them over in your head as you are drifting off to sleep. Smile. Wake up in the morning and think to yourself, ‘I AM going to have a good day today.’ Smile.

Smile at people you pass in the street, for no other reason than wanting someone else to feel good. Smiles are contagious. They might just pass that smile on to someone else.

Feel the joy of being on a planet that is transforming into a much lighter, brighter and happier one. Feel the joy of contributing to that metamorphosis by changing any of your own negative thoughts to more positive and hopeful ones. Know that we are all the collective butterfly about to break out of our chrysalis and that it is going to be a beautiful thing to witness as we do.

Continue from there. Have fun with it. Go into this New Year deciding to make counting your blessings a daily practice. Do something nice for someone else. Spread the love and the joy.

Let’s make 2022 our best year yet.

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