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The Quicksand of Fear & Despair

Staying out of the energy of fear is something that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. With so much negative stuff bombarding us every day from every angle in 2020, it’s easy to get caught up in anxiety and stress. Once we fall into a pattern of anxious thoughts and feelings it is like stepping into quicksand. We set up an energetic flow that bogs us down and keeps us stuck in negative energy. The more we focus on the things we’re worried about in our lives and in the world, instead of the things that are uplifting and positive, the more we set up a self-fulfilling prophecy and draw further evidence of negative stuff towards us.

How to stay in the light?

First of all, make sure to ground yourself on a daily basis. Take time out in nature. It’s no accident that you only need to change a letter and add a letter in nature to make it nurture. Nature is nurturing for the mind, body and soul.

Breathe. Several times a day, more often if you can, pull your focus back into your heart. The moment you catch yourself thinking about something negative, a worry or a fear, pause and take 3 long, slow, deep breaths. Switch your mind to something positive that makes you feel good and focus on that instead. It can be something as simple as a moment where your child, or pet, partner or friend, did something that made you laugh. Focus on anything that flips your mind into positive mode.

Give yourself a social media vacation. Switch off the news, FB, other social channels. Avoid negative people who moan and complain and drain your energy.

Eat healthy foods, fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water to flush your system of toxins.

Do something good for someone else, a neighbour, a friend, or someone less fortunate than yourself.

All these things promote wellbeing and stop us from staying bogged down in negative thinking, lifting us up instead to feeling positive and inspired.

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