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Grow Flowers Not Weeds

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a conversation about somebody else that makes you feel uncomfortable? The person telling the story is chatting away and everyone is listening and perhaps some are contributing and you know that if the subject of their story walked into the room right this minute, everyone would instantly stop and pretend to be discussing something else.

Whether you are ‘discussing’ someone out of concern for the person, or out of sheer gossip, it’s all one and the same. Gossip is gossip and it is not a good thing to do. Regardless of whether the person hears you or not, that energy goes out on the gigantic energy wavelength that we are all one and a part of, and on some level, the person being talked about picks it up, whether it manifests in their life as a sense of discomfort, anxiety, sadness or anger. The easiest way to check whether what you’re talking about is alright, think about whether you would be Ok if the person in question could hear you. Here's a good rule - if you can’t imagine saying it to them, then don’t say it at all. If someone else is talking about someone else and you don’t want to be a part of it, you can extract yourself easily enough by either switching the subject, or stating clearly that you don’t wish to talk about people behind their backs, or if they continue, by walking away.

Here’s something important to consider. There’s an old saying, ‘Keep your thoughts to yourself.’ But whether we are actually talking about someone or simply ‘thinking the thoughts’ in our head, the same energy goes out to the other person and again, on some level they pick it up. And of course we all know that what we put out, we get back. Do we want to be thinking unkind things that are just as bad as if we were saying them out loud?

Wouldn’t it be better to only think, speak and act with love and kindness? Let’s tend to our words and to our thoughts and weed out the negative ones. That way we can do no harm to others and no harm to ourselves.

Pluck out the negative

unkind thought weeds

And make sure to replace them

with happy thought seeds

(Excerpt courtesy of I AM Magic: How To Create Your Best Life - )

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