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About the I AM Journals

Our Story

The I AM Journals is a place where you can find everyday inspiration and positivity using the two most powerful words you can practise in your daily life - I AM. 

Did you know that you think over 50,000 thoughts every single day? Think how often those thoughts are preceded by the words I AM, or I'M, which is the same thing.

Once you realize the internal stories you are telling yourself all day long, it makes sense to use the words I AM to your advantage, rather than the opposite.

'How many times do you think I AM?

Something or other, consider if you can

How many times do you say to yourself

I AM happy, I AM sad...or

I'm something else?

I'm rich, I AM poor, I AM feeling great

I AM getting a cold, I'm putting on weight

And what happens when you think all these things?

Well just like magic, that's what life brings'

(Excerpt from I AM Magic: How To Create Your Best Life)

This website is to help keep you on track, give you some new things to think about and to bring some lightheartedness into your world. All our posts are quick and easy reads so that you can pop in for some inspiration, as and when you need it, and then get back to enjoying what you most enjoy in life. 

Just remember to always say -

I AM having a GREAT DAY!

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